We entrepreneurs passionately work to solve the problem for our customers. That’s ultimately what drives us, that’s what keeps us awake at night.

But, frankly, that is, for the most part, a lie.

Actions speak louder than words — can you name one entrepreneur that has, unless they were contractually…

Something I tell fresh grads and interns, and it was advice given to me when I started out.

You’ve got to have tough conversations with your boss, you have to fight for that pay rise, you have to fight for that promotion, you have to hold people to account on those promises that were made to you that everyone seems to have forgotten.

In the workplace, no-one will fight for you like you will — and if you don’t put up that fight, if you are not willing to have those uncomfortable conversations that no-one likes having, you will pay a very heavy price.

Someone can view success as being able to provide the basic needs of his or her family.

Another can view failure as not becoming a billionaire, a sports champion, win a Nobel prize, become a president of a nation.

We all have differing expectations of ourselves, and those expectations play…

“So much of it is mindset. If you think you’re going borderless… it kind of happens, right? Like so much of your mindset of the leader becomes the psychology of the organisation.” — Brian Chesky, CEO Airbnb discussing recent tough times.

Applies to life too — your mindset dictates your…

Arash Jalali

I’m Serial Entrepreneur and tech enthusiast.Founder @myacopio.Co-founder at www.Limitlines.com . angel investor. I ❤️ slick design

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